How to lead being innovative at 50+

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Innovation is important at any age, but never more so than when we reach the 50+ bracket. We already have great knowledge and experience to contribute, but we can’t allow ourselves to be left behind just because we have talents in other areas. It is simple to be innovative!

Every industry has trade journals/magazines/communities that focus on the latest innovations and developments. Read them and talk about it, at least once a week! Bring up some of these ideas in meetings. Be sure you mention your view on these to your boss and higher ups as well as your other colleagues. This way you get a reputation for being the ‘go to’ person for new and current trends.

Here is an exercise to develop this:

– Read an article each day on something innovative or a new trend developing in your industry.

– Several times a week quickly write down 5 innovative or interesting, progressive thoughts you have had, drawn from the ideas in the articles. Doesn’t matter how crazy they seem, write them down anyway, you are training the brain to be more dynamic and creative. It is a muscle like any other and needs regular stretching to keep it bouncing!

– See how these thoughts could link or be adapted to your job, department, company

– Every week talk about ‘your’ new idea/vision, using the source as proof, or an example, of why your idea is valuable/dynamic/effective.

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