Why do you need holistic success?

Even for experienced leaders and executives, there are always additional challenges, particularly if working in an international field. 

Harnessing career and wellness together gives you unimaginable professional advantages. The more you use fuel and fitness strategically, the more you energise your mind and body for optimum brain function, creativity, resilience and dynamic development – Helping you meet your goals!

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ― Buddha

Would you agree with that? Do you ever feel like that? Do you seek to actively create an environment and cultivate habits that help you maximise your energy, focus, creativity and resilience to benefit your lifestyle while enhancing your career and leadership skills and progressing towards your goals?

Whether you want to develop your Executive career, become a wiser and more innovative Leader, support and improve your teams’ ability and vision, or change direction even maybe founding and developing your own company – focussing on holistic success, including a healthy mind and body gives you untold benefits and power.  

No matter whether you are an enthusiastic start-upper or an experienced confident high-flyer, you can never have enough energy, creativity and focus!

From my experience as both employee and employer, living and working in 7 countries (and 4 languages), from start-up to corporate, in industries as diverse as fitness, entertainment, international residential, luxury and commercial real estate, from admin to sales director – one of the key takeaways I learnt is that when energy levels are high clarity, focus, choices, strategies, negotiations, leadership and results are always significantly better!

Helping you define, refine and align strategies to optimise your ideas, choices and objectives, through personalised holistic success oriented coaching and mentoring, will give you clarity, focus and energy to best achieve your desired results.

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I am committed to helping my clients overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

Specialising in:

Leaders, CEOs, Directors

Expanding into other countries, setting up new entities, leading new teams, developing services and products - for native or non-native English speakers. (International Leadership Elite)


Energise by developing inspiring, innovative and holistic ways of working. Leading holistically improves the team’s physical and mental health and their vision, team spirit, dynamics and productivity working together. (Inspiring Holistic Leaders)

Executive + Career Skills

Developing and enhancing your executive / senior management skills nationally or internationally. Whether becoming a better CEO / leader, aspiring to a seat on the board, changing direction, founding and developing your own business. (Executive Success Solution)

Career + Wellness together...

Focus on you... from using SCOPE to define your career fulfilment choices, to the 4Fs (fuel, fitness, freedom and fulfilment) to give you true holistic success - improve your mindset, brain function, resilience, energy levels, positivity and outlook - but also helping you achieve your goals, and beyond...

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