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As a non-native English speaker, even with advanced level knowledge of the English language, you will find there are always additional challenges as a Leader working at a high level in an international field. 

Helping you meet your goals!


I am committed to helping my clients overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

As a leader, show your mastery of correct English and business practice, understand the culture and mentality, build successful working relationships!

Training is tailored to your specific requirements: – Conferences, conversation, meetings, negotiations, presentations, reports… as well as leadership, project management, business skills and cross-cultural integration – all that is necessary to successfully understand and respond to your professional position, business and career needs.

Specialising in:

Leaders, CEOs, Directors

Expanding into other countries, setting up new entities, leading new teams, developing services and products. (...See the International Leadership Elite program...).


Not only refining and improving your knowledge of the culture, way of working and the language so you can integrate, motivate and lead your organisation, but also helping you achieve your goals, and beyond...

Executive Leadership Teams

Developing senior management skills internationally, taking into account the culture, way of working and necessary adaptations to succeed! (...See the Business English programs - Essential and Fast Track Plus...).



Collaboration with my clients

By providing real world practical scenarios  that are situational and dynamic as well as interesting and challenging you quickly and easily focus on establishing rapport and creating a connection with the other person so natural communication takes place. Communication of ideas is primary which becomes more apparent with strong and effective grounding and use of correct phrases and expressions gained during the training exercises.


Constantly improving

As well as learning language fundamentals for high level operating and inspiring leadership, you become skilled at adapting  to the different values, culture, way of thinking and work habits. You rapidly improve the nuances of speaking and understanding Business English which means you communicate efficiently, effectively and confidently in all professional situations.


Passion for results

As a result, you quickly and easily become fluent and comfortable in English, your confidence grows and your expertise and natural authority are obvious.

My clients trust me


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Contact me to know more about my exclusive ‘International Leadership Elite’ 10 week program for Leaders, CEOs and leadership teams to improve your advanced business English, together with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in business in another country and culture.