Would you like to join the International Leadership Elite?

Even for experienced leaders and executives, there are always additional challenges, particularly working in an international field. In addition to the usual pressure of work at this level there are the cultural challenges, different values, beliefs and ways of thinking, interacting and working to incorporate!

You need to hit the ground running, racing up that steep learning curve to gain trust and promote the best possible understanding, interaction and performance between your multinational, maybe also multilingual, teams. That way everyone gains!

I have worked in 7 countries and 4 languages in various industries, as well as creating and leading several businesses, so I understand your challenges.

We will analyse, adapt and channel your existing experience in business to explore ideas and strategies for the new country, culture and way of working. You can use my experience in international sales / management / leadership to bounce off ideas and see other perspectives…

With my help you will better understand your international clients as well as gaining skill in adapting to their culture and way of thinking, which will help you build relationships, manage and integrate multinational teams, lead meetings and negotiate effectively and increase opportunities for successful results.

Would you like to try it? Let’s hop on a call and see if we are a good fit… (email me here to arrange it :))

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I am committed to helping my clients overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

Specialising in:

Leaders, CEOs, Directors

Expanding into other countries, setting up new entities, leading new teams, developing services and products - for native or non-native English speakers.


Energise by developing inspiring, innovative and holistic ways of working. Leading holistically improves the team’s physical and mental health and their vision, team spirit, dynamics and productivity working together.

Executive + Career Skills

Developing and enhancing your executive / senior management skills nationally or internationally. Whether becoming a better CEO / leader, aspiring to a seat on the board, changing direction, founding and developing your own business.

Holistic Success

Focus on you - fuel, fitness, freedom and fulfilment to give you true holistic success. Optimise brain health to improve your mindset, brain function, resilience, energy levels, positivity and outlook - helping you achieve your goals, and beyond...

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