How to adjust to professional life after 50 (or 60;))

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I turned 60 some years ago and for me it wasn’t a big deal, but I have my own business, so I am not in competition with the younger highflyers climbing the ladder. Even for me as a business owner I can see that some countries and cultures now look at me differently, many are more respectful, listen more, ‘accept’ my experience and pearls of wisdom. Others don’t!

As an employee I think, again depending on country and culture it can be more difficult, but for everyone it is a period of adjustment. Physically and mentally we have changed, it could be mundane items like health, better or worse, or taking longer to do some things, being faster at others. One thing that is sure, though, by now we have stronger ideas about ourselves, life and work.

Something very useful is to start doing a regular self-evaluation, both personal and professional.

  • Really get to know who you are. What do you need to be happy, especially regarding work? This can help give our career improved and more satisfying direction.
  • Sit back and smell the roses, and then look forward and visualise – So, evaluate what you have done well over the last couple of decades, and enjoyed, then look where you want to go for the decades ahead.
  • Have a quick check through not only skills acquired, but also skills wanted or needed as well as developing your knowledge. It is a great opportunity for satisfying your curiosity or acting on that long held dream.
  • Reconsider what success looks like to you. When we are younger we are caught up in the rat race, now we are older we can see through the glitter and find true value in personal satisfaction, our talents and acting on what we find important. (Hint, money and a job title frequently lose their importance as we get older)

Now is a perfect time to start those changes… 

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