4 tips for showing long term vision at 50+

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Show long-term vision – As well as being innovative you need to show that you are looking forwards for the long term, not just until your own retirement…

1. Join industry, future trends and innovation forums or groups on LinkedIn, particularly international ones. Here you have the opportunity to discuss your own and other people’s ideas. Use this to develop longer term vision and strategy that can be beneficial to your company.

2. If your firm works with overseas industries, join business groups from these countries so that you get to understand their culture, mentality and way of working. You could use this knowledge to make suggestions on how to improve your working relationships…

3. Interact with the group members and use their reaction as a sounding block to develop your own idea/vision, then when you feel you have refined the idea suitably, send an email to your boss or relevant person.

4. Suggest a meeting with a few colleagues to see how this could be implemented and the increased efficiency/productivity it could provide for the company over the long term.

N.B. I would suggest starting with easy, simple ideas to begin with, and increase to bigger and better ones over a few months.

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