Working Internationally

International Culture and Working Masterclass

To work successfully internationally it is essential to do so much more than learn the  language.  There are many topics to understand, accept and adapt to.

We can also have the challenge of taking on entirely new concepts that we never knew existed as different countries think, work, believe and feel differently on a whole range of topics…

Understanding the culture and way of working in other countries is fundamental to a good and successful working relationship. You need to understand and adapt to succeed. Interaction can be difficult not because of skills (or lack of) but because of a different way of thinking and acting! When the concept of an idea or project is totally unfamiliar, strange and never before heard of, it can make for serious distrust and dislike.

Just taking the time and making the effort to learn about the other countries values, beliefs, priorities and vision on work, life and respect can make all the difference to personal, professional and business relationships. It can be the deal breaker or the deal maker – which would you prefer?

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Overcome Culture Barriers Working Internationally

This cohort-based course helps you understand the essential – differences in culture, communication, concepts, values and ways of working. It is an interactive  coaching style webinar series on overcoming some of the barriers you can encounter working internationally. This course can be taken either as a complement to, or independently of, the masterclass.

These focussed webinars go into depth on specific topics. They will help you understand and open your mind to overcome the obstacles you are guaranteed to meet…

  1. Simplifying cultural differences.
  2. Operating with other values and beliefs / Reframing ways of working to take international customs into account.
  3. Developing effective international communication and creating trust.
  4. Managing coherently internationally.

Next cohort June 2023.

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Learn as you work...

International job? Not a native English speaker and you need to speak English?

By providing real world practical scenarios  that are situational and dynamic as well as interesting and challenging you quickly and easily focus on establishing rapport and creating a connection with the other person so natural communication takes place. Communication of ideas is primary which becomes more apparent with strong and effective grounding and use of correct phrases and expressions gained during the training exercises. 

As well as learning language fundamentals and grammar you become skilled at adapting  to the different values, culture, way of thinking and work habits. You rapidly improve speaking and understanding Business English which means you communicate efficiently, effectively and confidently in all professional situations. 

As a result, you quickly and easily become fluent and comfortable in English, your confidence grows and your expertise and natural authority are obvious. 

Master correct English and business practice, understand the culture and mentality, build successful working relationships! Training is tailored to your specific requirements: – Conferences, conversation, meetings, negotiations, presentations, reports… as well as leadership, project management, business skills and cross-cultural integration – all that is necessary to successfully understand and respond to your professional position, business and career needs.  

As an International Career Development Coach and Business English teacher, I don’t just help you rapidly improve your speaking skills and understanding of Business English, I also help you design and build your skills so, together, we focus on significant progress in your professional position along your career path.

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