International Culture and Working Masterclass

To work successfully internationally it is essential to do so much more than learn the  language.  There are many topics to understand, accept and adapt to.

We can also have the challenge of taking on entirely new concepts that we never knew existed as different countries think, work, believe and feel differently on a whole range of topics…

Understanding the culture and way of working in other countries is fundamental to a good and successful working relationship. You need to understand and adapt to succeed. Interaction can be difficult not because of skills (or lack of) but because of a different way of thinking and acting! When the concept of an idea or project is totally unfamiliar, strange and never before heard of, it can make for serious distrust and dislike.

Just taking the time and making the effort to learn about the other countries values, beliefs, priorities and vision on work, life and respect can make all the difference to personal, professional and business relationships. It can be the deal breaker or the deal maker – which would you prefer?

I have worked in 7 countries and 4 languages. Learning to understand, adapt and respect ‘their’ way of doing things earned me some great successes and enduring relationships. It also gave me the opportunity to do far more business, with greater profits and considerably less complications than many of my counterparts. Never underestimate the importance of understanding and respecting the culture, values, beliefs and way of working – this earns you their trust, cooperation and support!



  • Quizzes
  • Checklists
  • Challenges
  • Breakout rooms for specific mini brainstorm sessions

Masterclass starts with Presentation and Q&A, encouraging active participation:

  • participants acting,  role playing
  • creative interaction

Focus on being inspirational, dynamic and fun – the best way to learn and retain!

Price: £297 per masterclass

If you wish to book several sessions for different groups, please contact me to discuss. Customised to specific industries/sectors if required. 

Don't miss the complementary webinar series ideal either as an add-on, or independently, to the Masterclass

These focussed webinars offer specifics on the listed topics which will help you understand and open your mind to overcome the obstacles you are guaranteed to meet…

Webinars are:

  1. Simplifying cultural differences
  2. Operating with other values and beliefs / Reframing ways of working to take international customs into account.
  3. Developing effective international communication and creating trust.
  4. Managing coherently internationally

Price:  £247 for the series. See program details here

25% discount offered if bought as a complement to the Masterclass. Email me for the details and code.