My worst public speaking decision ever…

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My worst public speaking decision EVER!

Contrary to a lot of people, I actually quite like public speaking, so when I think of the ridiculous mistake I made, I get quite cross with myself! At the time I was doing a lot of work on Women’s Economic Development and career advancement, and also hosting an online radio podcast on this theme, having just been awarded UN Women’s Champion for Change at Empower Women.

One of my clients, the CEO of a French company, part of an international group, strongly supported this project and introduced me to one of the very best business schools (in the world) to be a speaker for them on this topic. I spoke to another CEO client of mine who happened to speak there occasionally about the ins and outs. Cutting a long story short, I decided not to…

Why? Apart from the fact that I must need my head examining, at the time I felt that I wasn’t ‘ready’, wasn’t ‘prepared’, needed ‘more time’.

OK yes, I might be able to resurrect the opportunity, but things change, life happens. What have I learnt from that? If someone opens a door – JUMP RIGHT THROUGH IT! Don’t wait until you are ‘ready’ because by then you might have missed the boat!

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