Thank you, my mentor

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Meet Howard – the person who inspired me to recognise what good leadership really is…

We have all been helped and encouraged at various stages of our careers by people who unconditionally give, support, open the doors to opportunities and the dream of ‘better things’, but Howard was special. He stood out in a way that showed what great leadership is truly about.

At the time he was Sales Director. It was my first ‘proper’ job, working in the International Press Centre in London. I was so excited and had no idea about anything. Wet behind the ears is the phrase that springs to mind.

It was the City sales office so the work ethic was fast, efficient, friendly, productive with the greatest sign of success being the shortness of the hours you worked.

Howard was more, he helped us all, he gave me encouragement to be more from day 1. He took the time to show me what I could aspire to. He opened doors not just to me, but to everyone. Before meeting him, I had never really aspired to a ‘career’ or to having my own business. I just thought I would be an average employee pootling through life, but Howard encouraged, he gave me a vision and he gave me the confidence to take that first step towards it.

Thank you Howard for being one of the greats!

Who was your ‘Howard’?

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