Inspiring Holistic Leaders

Do you want to energise your teams by developing a more inspiring, innovative and holistic way of working?

Having Managers who are skilled at thinking, creating, inspiring and leading holistically improves the team’s physical and mental health individually and their vision, team spirit, dynamics and productivity working together.  

From strategy to reality

Small actions have a big impact. When all aspects of our life are balanced the world becomes a more creative, positive and energising place to live.

Promoting a more positive, relaxed and productive, as well as healthier, atmosphere in all areas of professional, as well as personal, life creates managers and team who give their best and support each other – happily and willingly!

The Holistic Leader Solution

Anna Letitia Cook:

Together, we will create
your ideal program

This program is customised to corporate and individual requirements and objectives, while still incorporating the key elements of holistic leadership. 

It can be taken as an intensive in-house program over three full days or alternatively online with a weekly component over three months. Price from £3,750 plus expenses. 

Day/Month 1:

Physical and Mental Health

Day/Month 2:

Vision and Objectives

Day/Month 3:

Team Spirit and Energy

Positivity and Productivity

Inspiration and Innovation

Sharing and Caring Holistic Leaders

Peek Into Our Workshops

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Share your goals and vision

Any special requirements you may have relating to your business or sector

02 Set Program Format & timeline

In person or virtual, 3 days or over 3 months

03 Create Your Customised Solution and Start the Program

We start the exploration, development and holistic inspirational creation and energy

04 Launch of Your Inspiring Holistic Leaders

Your wonderful Managers are ready to inspire and energise their teams

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ― Buddha