Foreign team not doing what you ask?

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Foreign team not doing what you ask them or tell them?

Maybe it’s you that’s wrong!

This is how so many CEOs get viewed as desperate or arrogant.

Do you want to be known for getting the job done well and in a spirit of cooperation – or just join a long line of previous foreign CEOs viewed as incompetent and a mistake?

If you take up a role in a new country one of the biggest problems is misunderstanding and being misunderstood – and it’s not just the language.

This happens even if it is a promotion or inter-company country transfer, maybe even more so in these cases…

➡️ – Are you using the right keys to motivate them? Keys that speak to them, not you.

➡️ – Are you thinking and reacting in a way they understand in this new country?

➡️ – Are you adapting to the workplace mindset of the country or trying to impose the one you are used to?

Too many ‘foreign’ CEOs have hit this wall of incomprehension and misunderstanding because they use their ‘old’ way of thinking; BUT you need to clear your mind, see their vision, their values, their ways and adapt… 

Work together, understand together and create a real team.

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