Exploring Fulfilment in Life and Work – Mini Module 3

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What have you discovered so far from Exercises 1 and 2 of this 5-part series? I am sure you are beginning to see a pattern through these exercises of what aspects of your values, passions and interests repeat or have similarities.

This week’s exercise is a little different, it goes away from you directly, but still links back to you. Again, before starting today’s stage, it is important that you read part one and two of this series and do those exercises first.

Today we will start with books and films! Take notes on all the following, write it down. At the end we will be creating a mindmap so you can easily refer to it, and update it in the future.

What are your favourite books and films of all time? Choose 2 or 3 of each. Which character do you associate with in them? Which characters do you dislike. Write down the name of the book/film, what you like about the story, what identity and emotions it touches in you. What is the power in the story that you draws you to it?

Now think about the behaviour and actions of the hero/heroine you relate to the most. What do you like about it and why? How does it make you feel? What reaction to you have? Does it make you happy, sad? Do you empathise? Does it inspire you to courage, action, generosity? Often who and what we like in books and films links with our values of how we would like to be, act or do more of in our own lives.

Out of all that you have written down, choose the main idea that you relate to most from the books/films and underline it, then circle the top 3 values and emotions that you relate to in the characters.


Let this percolate in your head for 3 or 4 days and then come back to do a recap of what you have discovered from these 3 exercises.

  • What are the main themes that jump out at you?
  • Where are the similarities?
  • Do you find that you seem particularly happy when you are involved in certain sectors? Nature for example or creative arts? Or, are you drawn to knowledge in a specific area, or sport?
  • Do your heroes/heroines have similar values? Are they courageous, or peacemakers, adventurous or serene? Animal lovers or innovative?

Write a clearer, more condensed note of the main points you have highlighted from your recap.

Next to them, give examples of what you are currently doing in your life that involves any of these.

Next week – how to improve your work life by factoring fulfilment in the workplace into the equation, and then the final week will be putting it all together into an active and ongoing part of your lifestyle J

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