Invaluable sales lessons from an ex-mechanic

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We can learn the most effective lessons from the most unexpected sources. My neighbour is a retired mechanic who fixes people’s cars, gets them MOT’d etc at weekends as a hobby, interspersed with weekends in Yorkshire (the other end of the country) paid for by his ‘hobby’!

He earns well over £200 extra every weekend on top of his regular wages. He always has cars waiting and people on a waiting list – me included.

Why is he such a successful #salesman?

· He specialises in 2 brands (so has a niche), not trying to be all things to everyone.
· He offers options depending on budget and needs
· He is reliable and does quality work
· He is always happy to see you and chat to you, providing added value up front with free advice, suggestions, tips, even if he isn’t going to earn anything from you at the time.
· He looks, listens and understands the clients’ requirements then checks to see if other work might be needed (without being greedy or pushy) giving you the option of adding that too, so avoiding potential issues for customer and extra sales for him.

RESULT? Ever growing list of happy, loyal customers, word of mouth recommendations, easy upselling because of trust and relevance of product suggested.

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