Using your childhood antics to step up

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“Am I you good enough?” … “Can I do it?”

Do you ever dither about a new #challenge? Do you hesitate to accept potential #opportunities because you are not sure whether you can do it?

When I was 13, I was offered a summer job working on a fruit farm. This was different from the previous times when I had ‘helped out’… My fears? I had to drive a tractor and trailer up and down between the fields and the unloading bay to collect the fruit picked by the 125 seasonal employees, navigating trees, corners, ditches and – horror of horrors – reversing!

Did I do it? YES! The first couple of weeks were serious stress and panic though… How does that situation translate to business opportunities today? Whenever I worry about a new challenge, I think back to that 13-year-old girl who believed she could! By listening, learning, and by accepting the confidence that farmer was showing in me, believing that I could do it.

Remembering past situations where you accepted the #confidence shown in you makes a huge difference, helping you find the courage, move out of your comfort zone and step up to the challenge.  

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