The importance of being fifty!

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“Youth is wasted on the young” George Bernard Shaw. Why? They don’t have the great advantages that you have:

F – Freedom – Normally your children have left, or are about to leave, the nest so finally you have the time and opportunity to think about you – to do what you want, when you want, how you want. You can retire that chauffeur’s cap as well as the chef’s hat, and other parental chores you have had over the last 20 + years. With the family being off your hands you have more money available and guess what? It’s YOURS! Treat yourself, have fun, do things you haven’t done for far too long, remember old dreams…

I – Informed/inspired – You have the knowledge and experience acquired during these past years so you can easily start to weed out what you know doesn’t really light your fire – and feed in more of the things that inspire you. You have the confidence to do follow what you like/think/believe without having to fit into other people’s pigeon-holes.

F – Fulfilment – You now have the time to concentrate on fulfilment. Before you may have had to do things that weren’t your main interest. I have many, many clients who are great at their job, are well respected, have done very well in their careers, but they just aren’t passionate about it, they feel a little ‘empty’. Often this is because we have had to make choices bearing in mind our responsibilities for a growing family or to successfully continue up the career ladder. Now you are at the age where focusing on fulfilment is not only possible, but preferable! (Yes, even in business this gives you a pat on the back and makes your own professional life, as well as your colleagues, happier all round!) Who knows, maybe it is time to branch out on your own – think Entrepreneur!

T – Tried/Tested – You know what works and what doesn’t, whether professional or personal. You can make choices more easily because of your experience and you don’t have to waste time going through various options to know whether you will like it and/or get the result you want – Basically for many, many things you’ve already ‘been there, done that, got the tee shirt!’

Y – Yearn – Now is the time to unleash all those long hidden, damped down yearnings that you have never had the time or the confidence to explore… Is your deepest, most secret desire to write a book, become a painter, hike the Inca trail, dance Argentinian street tango, play the sax, run a marathon? Do you dream of becoming a wildwoman? I do! (I don’t mean a hysterical banshee, nor a rampant cougar – lol – but a woman untamed by others, with instincts intact, living in balance – I’m even growing the long wild silver-grey hair to go with the image 😉

Whatever your yearnings are – now is the time!

At fifty, you’ve got what it takes, you’ve got the scope, don’t hesitate, don’t doubt yourself, ride the wave, refocus your talents and fulfil your passions!

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