Slowing down at 50+

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Anna Letitia Cook

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Many people think we slow down in our 50s? Why ? Many of us are still aiming for bigger and better. 

So how do we prove these perceptions wrong?

→ Focus on doing the best possible work in your job.

→ Look at your ‘age’ and experience as an advantage.

→ Never stop believing in yourself or your ability to do the job.

→ Emphasise the positives you have to offer.

→ Do not participate in discussions about perceived negatives – negative outlook can be perceived as due to our age.

→ Stay ‘current’ and prepared in terms of your role and your outlook on life. When the opportunity arises take it and ‘step up’.

At our age we have the advantage of being able to draw on decades of experience of managing relationships, making decisions, setting and achieving goals, communicating and negotiating across generations,  managing conflicts and crises. Our maturity and ability to see the ‘bigger picture’ is invaluable.

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