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What is SCOPE?

SCOPE is a simple, step-by-step blueprint to help you find the personal and career fulfilment you want and deserve.

Many clients come to me feeling empty, not fully engaged in their work, frustrated by lack of career development, constrained by company policies, slow acting hierarchy or overly traditional ways of looking at employee potential. Often my clients have realised that they aren’t passionate about their work (or life), they feel there is more out there but they can’t quite put their finger on where, what or how… SCOPE will help you find your passion and clarity and give you a step by step guide to realising the personal and career fulfilment you want.

What does SCOPE do for you?

It helps you get clear on what you want to be and do and how to choose which aspects to change to get that. You find what will fulfil you and how to organise the plan to transition from where you are now to where you want to be, enjoying your life and work. You will gain impressive insights on your thought processes, your actions and reactions, your real strengths and talents, where your interests really lie, what you want to experience in your life. SCOPE will give you the opportunity to discover who you really are and who you are meant to be. You will learn how to be honest with yourself, and make your choices from that position of self-knowledge which is the key to your freedom to choose. Once you have made your choices you will put into place the changes and organisation necessary to create and follow your strategic plan to achieve your objectives in life and your career so you can enjoy the freedom and fulfilment you are looking for.

Discover the process...

S – Scrutinise your predeterminations

The first step in this process is to scrutinise where we are affected by outside influences, be it childhood predeterminations, peer pressure or any other kind of  intimidation or persuasion, conscious or unconscious, which distracts us from what are our own true values, beliefs, wishes, dreams and objectives.

As adults we often find the outside influences come from our colleagues and superiors at work, our friends who may be fast-tracking and expect you to do the same, our husband and/or family who may be unsupportive of your wishes and prefer to take you in a different direction. All this, as well as the stress, anxiety and guilt that we all too frequently place on ourselves due to these other people’s beliefs and opinions, can push us very far from our own true nature and freedom of choice.

Pinpointing weak points, or unconscious self-sabotaging reactions, through a series of exercises and analysis, helps create clarity and self-knowledge. Finding where we are thinking/acting from outside influences and realising how we behave because of these can be liberating in itself. Then, we can choose, or not, to make the changes that better suit our own true self.

C – Choose / change your direction


To choose or change your direction to create a more fulfilling future you first have to know what you really want to do, where your main interests and passions lie. Sounds easy doesn’t it! This is where the previous work and exercises on finding your predeterminations comes in.

In this part of the process we dig down and find what really does light your fire! We uncover any long hidden strengths and passions before they were drowned out by all those outside influences and we bring them to the fore.

We look at what you are doing now, what you have done in your life and career to date and find which aspects of these have given you the most pleasure and rewarding experiences. We filter through the non-positive parts, those that drained your energy or made your eyes glaze over just thinking about them, but keep and use that knowledge as an element to be aware of in the choice of changes to integrate in your strategy organisation.

By focusing on what feelings you gain in various areas of your life and career, how different environments energise  you, including how you view yourself through the different levels of environment, behaviour, capability, beliefs and values, and identity, both in the personal and professional context, we find what you really want for yourself so you can then choose how to achieve it for maximum fulfilment. 

O – Overcome objections / Organise your strategy


Being aware of, and understanding how to overcome objections, both those appearing subconsciously in yourself and from those around you, is an essential part of this process. On an all too regular basis, we self-sabotage or lack confidence because of some reason, which, once ackowledged, is greatly diminished and so becomes manageable. This helps us keep on track and allows us to set boundaries to any new enterprises, therefore vastly reducing stress and minimising risk.

This stage includes exercises such as Fears and Doubts realignment, Personal SWOT and the Wheel of Life. Some areas may need just a little tweak, others you will need to focus on in more detail. Being aware of these helps achieve clarity in your choices and the smooth running and steady progress towards your goals once your plan is ready for action.

Now you have reached the stage to organise your strategy. You know what you want, you know what skills, strengths and opportunities you have personally. You have become aware of and anticipated weaknesses, doubts, threats and potential problems that could crop up.

Congratulations – you have already completed a major part of this journey! You are now ready to organise the hows, wheres and whens.

P – Plan your action


Part 4 in the process is where we become very practical! We plan! Using some exercises such as the TOWS matrix, the Hedgehog concept and the PEST analysis to help outline priorities and the most effective order in which to act, we create the timeline for the actions and objectives we want to achieve whether it be career development, entrepreneurial concepts or personal dreams.

You will find out how to integrate what you already know and have, what is directly available in the immediate vicinity, what you need to add to the mixture and where/how you can do this.

E – Evolve to your choice of career, fulfilment and success!


Start the evolution! Whether it is changing your career direction, climbing to the highest rung on the career ladder, branching out and setting up your own business, creating a new and exciting you as you grow older, you have done all the scrutinising choosing, organising and planning, now is the time to start living it.

Through inspiring techniques, exercises and ongoing assessment, you put the process into practice, evaluate your progress, align and adapt as necessary while progressing with confidence, energy and motivation. Harvest the seeds you are sowing, enjoying each step along the way. You start to feel the new found pleasure of transforming your talents, honing your skills, developing your passions in your choice of career, fulfilment and success.

...Find your fulfilment and success with the SCOPE process...

5 modules taking approximately 5 weeks to complete:   £295.00