Develop your Executive Career Internationally

For international career development, you need first to ensure clarity and understanding! You need to know what you want, where you want to go and how to get there.

You need to know fundamental strategies on how to optimise your ideas, your choices and your objectives when working in/with another country, with different culture, values, beliefs and way of thinking.

The International Executive Success Solution offers focussed, personalised coaching on the areas where you need clarity, flexibility and adaptation for your new environment to achieve good working relationships, team productivity and desired results. 

From strategy to reality

During our sessions together we will create your ongoing action plan to take away and use effectively and efficiently to get to climb that international career ladder and achieve success.  

Additional focus is given to the areas that are productive for your career development internationally – so, including different ways of working and, sometimes, considerably different concepts on prioritisation, responsibility and management styles.

Sometimes, as English is the international business language, if you are not a native speaker, not only are business skills necessary but also language skills… (Read about international leadership as a non-native English speaker here or more in-depth language programmes here).

The International Executive Success Solution

Anna Letitia Cook:

Your personalised programme will include:

This program is customised to individual requirements and/or corporate objectives, incorporating the key elements for your career success. 

It can be taken individually with a fortnightly live call over 10 weeks,  

Price from £1,650

Month/Day 1:

Your profile and objectives

Month/Day 2:

Needs, skills and Productivity

Month/Day 3:

Management, concepts and styles

Country and culture

Ways of thinking and working

Adaptation, Innovation, integration

Also available as an intensive programme over three full days if for a corporate group. Please contact me for information.

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