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This is a very personal post as I have a beautiful new baby grandson who was born at the end of June – welcome to the world gorgeous baby Harry!!

The advent of this wonderful new life has really made me remember, and reflect on, the many (difficult) choices I made when I was a young career woman, then a young mum and then a slightly less young entrepreneur/mum…

I had my children when I was 29 and 30 – only 15 months between them, which I think was an excellent time gap between the two. It meant they played together, the first didn’t feel his nose had been put out of joint by the arrival of the second and being a similar age they were eager to try all choices for having fun, full of mischief and very active happy children!

I avoided having children earlier because (apart from the fact I hadn’t met their father – lol) I felt I would ‘miss out’ if I had children too young. I thought it would destroy my career opportunities, I thought it was too early, I thought I wasn’t ready…

With the knowledge and experience I have now, I can see that these ‘ideas’ I had were most probably caused by predeterminations, peer pressure and outside influences – they weren’t coming directly from my self-knowledge and own personal wishes for my life.

In fact, I now would happily have children at the age of 23, 24, 25 and love it – as long as I was sure of the man in the relationship, obviously!

(Mind you, at that age I was living and working in Bermuda, riding horses every morning before work, going to the gym at lunch and then scuba diving on night dives as well as 5 or 6 dives every weekend so possibly I would have had to change my ideas – slightly! Lol… Can one even go diving when pregnant or is it dangerous?)

Many women feel they have to wait to have children, they have to establish themselves and their career before being able to ‘plan’ or ‘organise’ it… 

How about if we just listened to our feelings and our body? Listened to what we really want, what feels absolutely right for ourselves WITHOUT listening to everyone else’s opinions and comments on the matter…

There are excellent reasons to have children at any age – my daughter in law is 22 and seeing her with beautiful baby Harry makes me wish I had had my children at that age, I had mine at 29 / 30 and they were amazing, I have some friends who have had them closer to 40… The importance is doing what is right for you!!

What age are you now? What do you feel about the age for having children?

Whether you want a great career, beautiful children or both, you really can have it all – the importance is knowing what you want and when!

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